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Why Use Image Up Studio

Image Up has been professionally taking photographs for more than 38 years using today's digital technology and high quality equipment.  

We have done work for small to large companies and public governmental organizations. This work focused on construction sites (highway, bridges, buildings, pipelines); public and private rail jobs; architectural work (government and private building sites); business seminars and much more.

When you need to create a photo marketing campaign, to capture an event or to utilize photo documentation of a project, you want to hand it off to a professional; a person who will run with the job, meet your deadline, minimize your involvement, handle issues and obstacles of the job and finally provide the total deliverable as promised. Let's face it; you have your primary work focus and do not want to worry about the photography details.

Today, photography equipment is readily available and there are many out there offering photography services; however, the old adage of "You Get What You Pay For" may do your project or company brand a disservice. Can you afford to take that chance?  So don't leave your photography projects to just anyone, go for the professional;
David Glasofer of Image Up Studio.

We provide competitive affordable pricing and can work with you to provide the appropriate services to meet your budget.

contact us if you want to discuss a project, a marketing campaign or are simply looking for a quote.

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Image Up Studio's Goals

Who Is Image Up Studio

Up Studio is a professional photography service company that provides a wide range of photographic services: Photography, Videography, Computer Imaging, Photography Documentation, and many more servicesfor industrial and commercial businesses, and government organizations.

We provide digital photography and computer imaging. We also provide traditional aerial photography and now Drone based photography.

We are
located in Central NJ, with New York City and Philadelphia just a short distance away.

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Image Up Studio's goal is to work within all visual mediums to achieve the highest quality images. Our team is dedicated to using all necessary resources to meet our client's practical and creative needs. We maintain a professional atmosphere, a serious work ethic and a healthy commitment to delivering superior results at a fair price.

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Image Up Studio
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