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Prior to any photography shoot, you meet with our professional photographer, David Glasofer to agree on the final production. Post Production Editing Services are typically used in connection with any of our other photography services and not as a standalone service.

So give us a call for a consult, for an answer to your questions or for a free non-obligation quote, or use our
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What is Involved with Post Production Services

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Post Photo Editing Session using computer editing to crop out an individual

  Post Production Editing  services

Post Production Editing Services or simply Post Production Services begins as stated, after the planning and actual product phases of photographic or videographic sessions.  Once a session is produced, it may require further work to create a total package that meets the customer's requirements. Further work can entail digital/computer editing, titling, combining photos into a slideshow or presentation format, video editing to name a few.

Image Up Studio provides basic
Post Production Editing and does not get into adding audible tracks, sound mixing, narration, etc. Post Production Editing often is accomplished using Digital Graphic Imaging Services.

For examples of our work and other photographic applications, see our Photo Portfolio.

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