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Life Style Photo shoot of woman walking dog

As the cliché states: "a photo is worth a 1000 words." Today photos are becoming a major influence. There are too many photos applications to list but some are listed below:

  • Architectural and Structural Imaging

  • Real Estate Presentation and Display
  • eCommerce and Business Website Imaging to include Amazon Compliant Format
  • Product Marketing and Sales

See our Photography Portfolio for examples of our work and the various photographic applications.

So give us a call for a consult, for an answer to your questions, or for a free non-obligation quote, or use our contact form.

With today's digital technology, the finished product's quality and properties make it applicable for print, website uploads, photographic presentation, etc. Our photo shoots can be at your site(s), specific job location(s) or in our studio.

What is Involved with Image Up Studio's Photography Services

Prior to any photography shoot, you meet with our professional photographer, David Glasofer.  This is extremely important for major complex shoots where a full concept shoot needs to be developed.

Photographic Applications

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Photography Services - Image Up Studio offers an array of professional Photography Services; from simple photo shoots to major photographic productions, for commercial clients. Our Photography Service is basically an umbrella of individual services to name a few to meet your various needs:

  • Aerial Photo Services

  • Digital Graphics & Imaging Services

  • Photo Documentation Services

  • Videography Services

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