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Image Up Studio offers a full range of photography services for Construction Photography Documentation: from ground to aerial photo shoots and use of Videogrpahy Services.

Prior to any photography shoot, you meet with our professional photographer,
David Glasofer  to identify photo documentation project objectives, location(s), and other constraints and/or requirements and to agree on the documentation methodology:  single digital imagery, videography, ground  and/or aerial photos. 

If necessary, we can also incorporate
Digital Imaging services to provide a total package.

So give us a call for a consult, for an answer to your questions or for a free non-obligation quote, or use our
contact form.  

Photo Documenting Construction Site Installing Bridge Girder
Construction Photography Documentation Service is the process of conducting a designed and choreographed set of photos to capture events, milestones, progress and job completion thus forming a documentation of work performed.

The Construction Photography Documentation is used in a number of ways such as identifying potential or actual issues through a construction project. Photo documentation of milestones is important for the release of funds, inspection certification and job continuance. The final job photos provide an As Built record for future construction planning. While atypical, job site photo documentation can be a training tool for project and construction management companies.

What is Involved with Construction Photography Documentation

Image Up Studio has worked with public rail transportation entities, governmental highway organizations, private construction companies, their project management contractors, public relations organizations, etc. for years offering Photography Documentation Services. Refer to our Construction Photography Portfolio to view some examples of this work and the other Portfolio Photos to view various types of photo shoots..

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