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The list below identifies but not limited to the many users for computer enhanced photos:

  • Public Relation Organizations

  • Marketers
  • Product Marketing and Sales Groups
  • Public Works Communications Organizations

See our
Photography Portfolio for examples of our work and the various photographic applications.

Prior to any photography shoot, you meet with our professional photographer, David Glasofer to agree on the photos to be taken, if necessary, and to define the final computer enhanced product. 

Computer Imaging Services can be a standalone project or can be used in connection with any of our other photography services.

So give us a call for a consult, for an answer your questions or for a free non-obligation quote, or use our
contact form.  

Who Uses Digital (Computer) Imaging Services

Digital Imaging Services (also referred to as Computer Imaging) transform the base or raw photo imagery of your project. It involves the manipulation of the digital image or images through computer software to enhance the final product. The computer imaging could superimpose objects, create a montage, adjust coloring or highlight specific sections or objects of a photo.  

Image Up Studio has been working with many businesses so they can convey more than a simple photo to their project. Those projects have a vast range of use: photos for company catalogs, corporate magazines and newsletters, operations handbooks and even for use as a splash page on a corporate website. The number of applications is endless.  Refer to our Digital (Computer) Imaging Photography Portfolio to view some examples of our work.

What is Involved with Digital (Computer) Imaging Services

  Digital imaging services

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