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Aerial Mapping Drone Services (also known as orthomosaic photography, or drone mapping) provide a new dimension to managing your project. Like our Aerial Photo Services, it provides an overall view looking down onto the overall work or operations site; however, with orthomosaic mapping it provides geometrically corrected imagery so that the scale is uniform and that it is as accurate as a map. Imagery is multiple snapshots virtually stitched together ultimately providing high resolution, detailed maps along with 2D and 3D profiles.  Whether you need a onetime aerial flyover or periodic flyovers, you will receive exacting overlays.

Aerial Mapping provides an excellent way to keep your project on budget and create a positive impact. Drone (Aerial) Mapping's

Aerial Drone mapping can be dramatic and informative but should be done with experienced, skilled and professional drone pilots. So give us a call for a consult, for an answer to your questions or for a free non-obligation quote, or use our contact form.

Refer to our Aerial Mapping Photography Portfolio to view some examples of Aerial Mapping.

What is Involved with Aerial (Drone) Mapping

Aerial photographic services via aircraft and unmanned aerial system (Drone)

Like all our services, Aerial Mapping Services are professionally managed and implemented. Tell us what you need and leave the rest to us to include coordination of the actual photo shoot.

Prior to the aerial photo shoot, we discuss your requirements, time frames, your constraints or limitations and the deliverables. We can also add for example
Digital Imaging Services for presentation and printing needs.

Here's How It works: 

  1. Prior to the actual implementation on site, Image Up Studio uses software to create the flight pattern.
  2. When on site, we initiate the flight and the drone autonomously follows the route created. The drone takes hundreds of images which will stitch all the images together to create an extremely high resolution image. Based on requirements, additional flights following the same flight plan can be executed at various times (days, weeks, etc.). These additional flight images can be exactly overlaid to map progress, identify changes or problems, etc.
  3. As required, we send the results to the client who can view the maps as is or can load the image into a variety of software that would be appropriate for their needs.

  aerial Mapping drone services

benefits are very compelling: accurate, detail and quality imagery, efficient processes, time and staff savings. Depending on the use of the aerial mapping, there can be safety aspects especially with work site, building or structure inspections for example.
Resulting imagery can be loaded into a variety of software that would be appropriate for your needs.

Whether you refer to it as Aerial Mapping, Drone Mapping or Orthomosaic Mapping, its value cannot be overstated.

Image Up Studio is FAA certified and fully insured.

Where and How is Aerial Mapping Used

The list below identifies but not limited to the many uses for aerial mapping (orthomosaic mapping):

  • Construction, Site Planning, Project Management & Inspection

          -  Roofing,

          -  Highways and Roads,
          -  Piers,
          -  Beach Restoration,
          -  Residential Communities and Industrial Parks,
          -  Railroad and Elevated Commuter Train Routes
Highway & Traffic Planning

  • Solar Energy Planning, Installation and Inspections
  • Commercial Property Management Inspections
  • Large Scale Real Estate Project Planning and Project Management

Is Aerial Mapping Good for Your Business?

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